Water – a unique and amazing creation

Since many years I have been in wonder about water.
What a great idea, I keept saying to myself!
Have you ever thought about this…what a unique and special creation water is?

Where does water come from?

All water on our planet comes originally from the Inner Earth.
his is what we are learning in our QLBC book club –
reading the book  “Inside the Earth – The Second Tunnel”

Who could have thought that Water plays such a crucial role in the forming of planet and stars?
A Black hole is the core of our – and any other planets! This is one of the most amazing statements about our planet in the book THE INNER EARTH.
It is this black hole that does create water /the liquid element from the subtle body of water.
This subtle matter is a kind of an energetic blueprint for the element liquid/water.
The black hole pulls this subtle matter of water in and with its strong rotation of its disk, this subtle body of water is condensed into liquid, into water how we know it.

All the ocean water on top and inside the earth, comes from within, from the black hole.

“Water comes out of the crust”say some scientists already
For the materialistic science which is still mainstream, a subtle matter of water, an etheric blueprint of liquid is unthinkable.
However, some scientist begin starting to think in the right direction….scientists studied all craters on Mars.They discovered that none of the craters on Mars evolved from an outer impact. The craters show signs of flood waves. They concluded: This Water must comes out of the crust and the craters are dried up lakes etc. Data from other planets and moons led to the final conclusion: The surface structure of most terrestrial planets has an endogenous cause, craters evolved from within the planet.
And so they are asking: Could it be that the development of a crater and the forming of a planets has been done differently, from the inside,, from the core of the planet.

Indeed it has.