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Currently reading and discussing “The Four Agreements”, by don Miguel Ruiz

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We are currently reading and discussing:

“The Four Agreements”

by don Miguel Ruiz

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Something extraordinary is happening!! Everyone has felt it coming for awhile now! We’re celebrating the incredible expansion and changes in consciousness in our world. Experience elevated conversations with the Quantum Leap Book Club. Engage in lively interactive...

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Is I love you personal?

The second agreement is don’t take anything personally. No matter what anyone say to you. They say – you are great, I love you, you are wonderful . They say, I hate you, you are the worst , you are no good. What ever they say is a reflection of their own belief...

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Exciting Reviews for the Law of Attraction!

“Many authors have written about the Law of Attraction. Here are just a few of the many ways the Law of Attraction has been referred to in various books. That which is like unto itself is drawn.”
~Jerry and Esther Hicks (The Teachings of Abraham) Ask and It Is Given

What you radiate outward in your thoughts, feelings, mental pictures and words, you attract into your life.”
-Catherine Ponder, Dynamic Law of Prosperity

“Never expect a thing you do not want, and never desire a thing you do not expect. When you expect something you do not want, you attract the undesirable, and when you desire a thing that is not expected, you simply dissipate valuable mental force. On the other hand, when you constantly expect that which you persistently desire, your ability to attract becomes irresistible. The mind is a magnet and attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state.”
~ Dr. Raymond Holliwell, Working with the Law,  11 Truth Principles for Successful Living

“Every thought must manifest according to its intensity. The slightest thought of Intelligence sets in motion a power in the Law to produce a corresponding thing.”
~ Ernest Holmes, Basic Ideas of Science of Mind

“You are a living magnet; you attract into your life people, situations and circumstances that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. Whatever you dwell on in the conscious grows in your experience.”
~ Brian Tracy