Chapter 5

This chapter Matter into feeling is a powerful chapter that speaks to our liberation. From a bhuddist perspective ( which is a practice, not a religion), there is no permanent self. If we accept that belief is all there is, and that in each second we a new then no experience, emotion, thought is in a fixed place, all is changeable with your next thought and breath. We can direct our focus and experience towards all good things. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha shared some wonderful practices that assist us to liberate ourselves that work in beautiful with the science that Fred Alan Wolf is describing here.

  1. Living all good things – is all you occupy yourself with –
  2. Journal – and write your life story – what do you want to live – what makes it worth you jumping out of bed ready to full run –
  3. Bring things into your mental environment- Looking into it and getting an understanding – when do you feel enthusiastic – you don’t know until you put in new information. Need new info to get the horizons This involves you having an adventure, living as an adventure, explore.
  4. Stop listening to the news , go on youtube – putting in the new information and journaling what you would like to see your life come into being- mind brings to you in the physical sense – brings you those opportunities – as long as you are entertaining it, massaging it – it will come –
  5. Repetition and enhancement – journal, pictures.
  6. Learn the science of what makes up this miraculous body.
  7. Break down the gift of life – as a per nano second experience – by the breath – it happens as soon as we take the first breath –
  8. We can stop blaming for anything – when focusing on gratitude we magnifying it.
  9. Know the science and why – new information expands the horizons of your life opportunity. Practicing of mind is constantly refurbishing the mind of new information. Put something in that you don’t know. Live in curiosity.
  10. Make plan that is most effective to bring about the plan and reality.
  11. Repetition and enhancement – journal, pictures.
  12. Focus on what you want to create. You can not focus on worrying about cancer – you have to focus on being wholesome and healthy and life enhancing things – that is your focus – breath by breath you practice this– – do the activity of it – when we want to change something – we have to really clear – if focus on what we are changing – we create ti – we can not focus on scarcity – have to focus on the more.

Marianne Love