” If such a cross section of the planet could be rendered, at first the physical matter of the crust would be seen. Afterwards, the structure of the crust begins to look like swiss cheese with empty spaces of different sizes inside. In some of the cavities, water that was generated from the initial dynamic of the central black hole could be found. In other cavities, you would find lava, gas pockets or even different types of rocks and metals. Others would be inhabited by different types of beings: but I think that this no longer represents a surprise for you. Inside our planet, you can find a pretty diverse and rich life” p 82.

It is amazing to think that inside the inner earth is so full of life and the kind of diversity that we had been taught was only on the surface of the earth. If we think of the earth in terms of varying frequencies rather than solid matter, we can see then how a black hole in the centre of the earth can span out to dense solid matter.