As we continue to go through this material it has become very clear how Joe Dipsenza lays out all the science and information and basically the blue print as to how not to allow ourselves to be defined by our environments .


As I sat and journaled with this material,  I had several things come up for me as I went through each section. At first I felt a sense of regret that came up because I realized how much time I have really spent on that .00001 % consciousness in my life and how much time I have wasted.  But then I had a sense of excitement because I am finally getting it!!!   I am finally understanding what is at my disposable right in front of me , what I have had all my life in front of me and could not reach and see. The quantum field where all possibilities exist. There is no difference between you and me and the great masters of our times ,the mystics and all who knew these principles. They are just that a principles that exists and when you understand that you truly can begin to change your life and break those old habits that have kept us believing that we were something else.


Yesterday morning  in meditation I had a vision that summarizes all I wrote about in my journaling.  I

was at the edge of a cliff of a very deep canyon and I was going to fly off, I could see my wings and feel them and at first there was this trepidation of finally taking off in flight.  And then I did . It was exhilarating and very freeing.  It reminded me of the story of the eagle that was raised on a chicken farm believing itself to be a chicken because that was his ” Environment.”  until another farmer came along and told him NO, You are an Eagle and are meant to soar high above and took him up to a  ledge of a mountain and told him to fly.

You are not a product of your environment!

Maria A. Jacques