In the book Biocentrism, Robert shares that electricity or magnetism don’t have visual properties and so therefore there is nothing inherently or coloured about a candle flame. If an electromagnetic wave between 400 to 700 nanometers in length strikes the retina of the eye, this information is relayed to the occipital region of the brain and is perceived as colour. The colour of the candle flame and the brightness ‘seen’ depends on the subjective experience of the person. We have been conditioned to believe that the colour and the flame is occurring in the external world. The entire perception of the candle is however occurring in the brain. Without the brain and consciousness – would the candle and the flame exist ? Certainly not in the form that our brains would have us believe. Other animals and species may see a grey colour, or have a completely different sensation of a candle flame. There isn’t an out there coloured flame, there are only electrical and magnetic impulses. We are the key ingredient of the colour of the flame.
Marianne Love