Realised we each centre of great cosmic web and are expressing from our own perspective. An integral part of the greater whole. Everything in the universe is connected.

After her near death experience she questioned everything. Her old belief systems had a comparison point and they no longer held ground. From the perspective that they source of our nature is love, then beliefs of separation, weakness, submission, fear, unworthiness melt away. Anita active viewed and explored each of these beliefs that she became aware of. She didn’t allow them to run her life or to go unnoticed. She became conscious of them and let them go.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha speaks of a process of going from unconsciously unconscious to conscious to consciously conscious. In the first phases a person doesn’t now what they don’t know and their programming from society, and their belief systems run their life. They are stuck in the paradigm that they were born into and experienced and they believe it to be true. When a person works on gaining new information and knowledge and begins to observe their belief systems, emotions they move into the phase of conscious. The next phases is consciously conscious, and here a person is able to direct their thoughts, emotions and intentions and create what they focus on. No longer in effect of life but now in cause.

Anita discusses the process of surrender and trust, knowing that all will unfold as it should. She noticed that when she let go of fears and concerns, then the flow unfolded immediately.

Marianne Love