Did you know that every moment we are in the creative process. If you really look at the science of quantum physics, what is observed is created. That begs to question, what are we observing everyday? Things we aren’t happy about? What your partner did or didn’t do? You coworker? Complaining? How do you feel about going to work and generating income? All of this are the emotional habits that create your future. According to quantum physics, the reality is opposite to what we have been taught. What we think and feel in this moment, creates our reality is ways we least expect. It isn’t positive or negative, it simple is. There is no one mystical force out there conspiring against you. It is simple about if you are utilising the instrument you have consciously for what brings you joy and happiness. This would be no different to picking up a musical instrument. An untrained 5 year old playing a recorder could deep grate on every fibre of your body.

I often think about the future me and wonder how my actions today will impact her.  This helps me make new choices at times.




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