Anita’s story of her process of dying gave us a wonderful insight of ‘seeing’ our existence through the eyes of the soul and unconditional oneness that is on all things. She invited us to observe and challenge our self-limiting and negative beliefs and to trust we are loved and are love at our essence. We are connected to everything, and we are the oneness that we seek. In our next book we will be looking at the nature of reality from another potentially radical angle. Robert Lanza discusses his theory – Biocentrism. This theory describes how our consciousness and the physical experience are intrinsically relate. Everything we see is an active process occurring in the mind. Everything that we see and think is out there, is a construction of what is happening moment to moment in our minds. If this is the case, then it would therefore follow we can have influence over everything we see and perceive that is out there. In the exciting journey through this next book, we will be challenged and invited to see that we are not helpless victims of reality, as the principles of biology may have had us believe in the past. We are in fact active participants in the experience of life and its expression.

Marianne Love