From chapter 7 of The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstein.

Identify Energetic blocks –

It is important to know or even what your blocks are so that you can clear them for yourself and not go out of balance again.  i

Using the breath for awareness of blocks. 

  1. Physically touch the center.
  2. Bring a deep breath in through the center and release a big sigh out through the center. Do this several times. ( this moves the energy in this centre)
  3. Notice – Does the area feel contracted or expansive? Does it feel heavy or light?
  4. Take notes on which feels more contracted and expansive. ( don’t judge self)
  5. Go through all 7 centres
  6. Reflect on which ones feel more contracted or most expansive.


Using toning

After breath use toning.

Base U you

Sacral O oh

Solar Plexus A aaay

Heart AH ahhhhh

Throat I eye

Third eye E eeee

Crown Eh ehhhh

  1. Touch the center and
  2. bring a breath into the base of the spine and release a low pitch of U through the base center.
  3. Do this several times.
  4. Use your breath to push the sound out.
  5. Notice : Does the sound move through the center effortlessly or does it feel stuck.
  6. Go through all the centres and take notes on which ones you had challenges with.
  7. The centres that felt contracted you will focus on for releasing and attuning


Releasing Negative Energy

  1. Close eyes
  2. Breath in from bottom of your feet all the way up to your head.
  3. And let it move back down to your feet before release it.
  4. Do this several times.
  5. Breath into the blocked centre and release the sound.
  6. Let the sound symbolise the emotion you feel and release it.
  7. Speak – I release the trigger word you are using for that center. For example – I release addiction
  8. Take in a big breath and make a release sound.
  9. Do this for each energetic centre.
  10. Breath through each center one more time – feeling open lighter and more expansive.

( List of trigger words on page 83.

True freedom is in the doing. I hope you enjoy this process of transformation and freedom.

Marianne Love