Third principle of biocentrisim  is that behaviour of subatomic particles are linked to the presences of an observer so without the presence of a conscious observer they exist in an undetermined state of probability wave . Downward causation and the influence of the observer on the manifestation of material objects has been discussed and eluded more intensely over the last 100 years. Scientist are stacking the evidence to show that two ‘entangled’ will influence each other even if they are separated across the width of the universe . In fact, they will also act retroactively, and behave has though they have some strange kind of ESP or that sequential time in fact doesn’t exist. As our experimental equipment improves, we are able to measure they things with great accuracy. It is getting harder and harder to ignore quantum theory is showing us, that the observer, the probability wave and the particle and all parts of the one whole.

Marianne Love