In these pages Cezar Radu speaks to the author about the existence of a sun inside the earth.
As we have learned the core of the planet is a black hole. This singularity is self-conscious! It has created our planet – this was the one of the most profound and surprising messages in the book INSIDE THE EARTH for me.

Two suns

On rare occasions 2 suns can be seen at the same time. The physical Central Sun which we know from our solar system AND the sun on the etheric level (the level just above the material, physical plane). This sun is smaller and has a dimmer light. It exists on the etheric plane in the INNER EARTH.
However, usually one cannot see anything in the presence of the black hole, the high spinning frequencies overcome the vibrations of the physical spectrum, we could see.

Where does the sun come from Inside the Earth?

The sun inside the earth is the illuminating expression of the black hole, in the ether plane (The superior level above the material, physical plane). The black hole produces a radiation light, when it absorbs matter. Yes, even in the Inner Earth the black hole absorbs matter. It has his own magnetic and gravitational field with which it controls the rate of the absorption of matter. (this will explained further in the next chapter).