Anita shares that what flicked the switch on her cancer and ultimately resulted in her recovery, was moving beyond all limitations of thought. When she moved into a beingness of love, connection, oneness of the universe, she realised that she was always loved without judgement. She realised that love was the essence of all reality and made up the very fabric of 3rd dimension. The very atoms, molecules that make up our experience are all made of love. She shared that all negative feelings stem from self-judgement and criticism and is not inherent in external conflict or problems in life. The only judgement that matters is the judgment towards self.

She compassionately shared that no of us are to blame for any illness. She said that the most powerful tool to move beyond illness for her was to meet awareness. From this place of oneness, and knowingness, she was able to let go of all that wasn’t truth – the fears and negative beliefs. She was terrorised by living, terrorised by dying and when she finally surrendered, she found the truth that was better than could be imagined – all there is is love.

Marianne Love