This is an exciting book – Inside the Earth – The second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar .
So on page 64 he gives a great explanation on how to enter the inner earth . Here is a summary for you!
Simple step by step guide to getting inside the inner earth:
Step 1: Get in a boat and sail to the poles of the earth.
Step 2: Point the boat in the direction of the magnetic field
Step 3 : Drive the boat to the point where the magnetic field is strongest and aligned with the gravitational field.
Step 4: Drive the boat at a constant speed ( not fluctuating)
Step 5: There is a point where there will be a shared resonance between bodies frequency and magnetic field. This means the frequencies will be matching.
Step 6: Then as you enter the magnetic cone the intensity of the field will get lower and your bodies vibrational frequency will get higher.
Step 7: With all of the above you will pass to the etheric plane along the magnetic field lines.