Unfreeze your body-mind for a better future

Many catastrophize the news. What is going to happen to my job, to my money, my house and my kids, to name a few worries? Many  live in fear of an uncertain future. Many are in the survival mode of freeze, a depressed shut down state. They might, feel how we say in Germany “like the rabbit in front of the snake”. Caught in a frozen state of body and mind, numb, locked and in silent despair. Many are lost in useless circles of trying to figure it out. The brain waves are in high beta, stressed. In this state we are not open to facts, nor to any well-meant advice for positive thinking.

Since this shutdown is often unconscious and forced by the body’s need to survive, we have to focus our attention on our body. The frozen body-mind can be unlocked by slow steps of soothing, filling up the cup. We also can move into the next better thought, the next better feeling. Keep it general first: This too shall pass, things will work out for me, one step at a time.

Journalling is a very powerful tool to invite the observer. The observer shows us that these thoughts are not true, even though they feel real. The good thing about worry is, that most of it never happens. The more we look the more we enter the Observer which is a part of our Higher Self. The Observer quietly points to small steps how we could start moving out of the frozen state. What are you grateful for right now, smile for no reason, applying self-care like a bath, massage, listening to music, breathing.

The Vagus Nerve is a nerve which touches all main organs and both nervous systems. It is able to bring a soothing effect to the frantic state of Beta. With certain movements and massages we can activate the Vagus Nerve to bring instant relaxation. I noticed I have moved out of the tightness of fear-based thinking, when I start yawning. Now the Vagus nerve sends signals of softness, relaxation to my brain and body.

Another way to move out of the stressful state of a High Beta is breathing.
Dr. Joe Dispenza recently implemented a basic simple breathing exercises before he leads into the widening of our focus and into the state of nothingness. He also realized that it is important to sooth and unlock the body-mind before doing the Work. Simple breath work is very effective to unlock us from a highly stressed-out brain and body. Use the box breathing: on the count of 4, breath in, hold, out, in. The connected breathing without any stop between the in and out breath is very effective to align the heart and brain. This coherent state of being effectively creates a new outlook, a higher level of thinking and feeling

So let us sooth ourselves, let us sooth others with gentle small steps. This can then lead into facing our old worrisome Self and start letting go of the same old thinking, feeling and behavior. We now can learn to master these changes .Those changes around us are about to usher us into a bright future of human kind.

co-host Rosemarie Heyer, Germany