In Robert Lanza’s and Bob Berman’s book – Biocentrism, covers fascinating topics such as the nature of reality, its fundamental building blocks and how did existence all begin. Current sciences do a better job at explaining some of the workings of parts rather an a unify explanation of the origins of life and form. These theories raise more questions than answers. What happened before the big bang?  What is the expanding universe expanding into?  What was the big bang? Is the universe is a quantum fluctuation ( particles materialising in empty space and then vanishing) ? Why are the laws of physics exactly balanced for animal life to exist?

The basics of biocentrism will explain that consciousness is intrinsic to the origins of existence. It is interesting that the topic of consciousness as been largely ignored in most theories of biology and physics. Given the precision required for life to exist, it would make more sense that we didn’t just evolve out of a random bang. Think about it, a slight shift in the gravitational force would mean that the stars – including the sun – would not ignite. If the nuclear force decreased by 2 percent, atomic nuclei wouldn’t hold together and the hydrogen would be the only kind of atom in the universe. How could such precision be random?

Marianne Love