Chapter 7 in Fred Alan Wolfs book Matter into Feeling goes into great depth on the process of manifestation. Zayn symbolises the unlimited, infinite possibilities that are all in the imaginal realm and have not yet manifest or been experienced by the senses. Ayn on the other hand symbolises these infinite possibilities now becoming probable. While they may not yet be evident to the senses, they are real and tangible possibilities.

He discussed the information streams come together to form a whole, creating a situation of movement or turmoil, where unlimited possibilities suddenly manifests into real probabilities.

Ayn means eye in Hebrew, and in this context can be viewed as the witness to the story, where observation is the key ingredient that turns no thing into something or manifests from the unlimited field of possibilities.

In our minds we form the beginning, middle and end of a story. When we do this we establish the time loop, where information flows from the beginning of the story forward and from the end of the story backward.

All too often in life, people follow their survival instinct need to use past perception and experiences to map out and protect for future experiences. If we are writing the story, and setting the parameters in the time loop, then using past information to determine the future will only manifest more of the same. His key point is that by turning to the past, we often fail to see the novelty or uniqueness of a situation.

So in order to go from thinking to manifesting, or mind to matter, information flows back from the future and also forward from the past. We can all recognise this. Our sense of intuition is information flowing back from the future and our feelings and sensory perception is information flowing from the past forward. Fred goes as far as to say that even the words we conjure up comes from the future, that we intuit words into existence. They come from a future point of view. Hunches are our sense of what is to come.

He discusses that feelings involved energy and energy is nature’s way of remembering.  Whenever anything in nature occurs, all the energy involved is taken into account. No new energy appears or disappears so all information from the past is available in the present.

He discusses a two step process that is at the base of all experience and matter. He discusses the process of self-reference and re-normalisation.

Self references means that the source of information comes from ones own character or experience.

The word normal means to conform to a standard that is usual , typical or expected. So the word renormalisation means process by which things that fall outside what is standard or typical becomes standard or typical.

In quantum physics the definition of renormalisation is – a method used in quantum mechanics in which unwanted infinities are removed from the solutions of equations by redefining parameters such as the mass and charge of subatomic particles

It is interesting that he refers to the Australian aboriginal metaphor of the two snakes. One slithers from the future and one from the past, each altering the probability of events.

So information coming from the future and from the past create a time loop. He goes as far as to say, without this time loop there would be no sense of I.So this time loop begins with an event in the now – N  – These are possibilities in the quantum field. Once we have N, then information of possibilities flows to the future event – Y ( meaning yet to come) and information flows backwards in time creating turbulence. This interaction between N to Y and Y back to N gives rise to an observer and observed- a story and a story teller.

Marianne Love