In our discussion of this book, we are now moving into the most important part of Dr. Joe Dipenzas method: Mastering our thoughts and emotions. Becoming the new Self. This is also in my view the most challenging practice.

Often, we are able in the stillness of the morning meditation to create the new self and identify our habitual thoughts and emotions. We even can generate the elevated emotions for our vision. However, sooner or later, during the day we often could lose that focus and its higher frequencies. If I go back to my old familiar thoughts, feelings and habits, it puts me back into my old familiar self.
As Grandmother PaRisHa says: “One doubt, you out”.

The body-mind speaks loudly

Another major challenge (Dr Joe warns about this many times) is the fierce reaction of the body. This is the fire we move through. Resistance to do the daily work is a sign that my addictive body chemistry of negative emotions is fighting to survive. For example: May it be skipping days with denial or staying busy, may it be confusion about the practice or allowing people and places become welcome excuses. I have been there, done that.

How can I stay on course?

Here are two ideas which assist me  in staying more conscious and mindful:
Set myself a timer every 2 hours, where I take a moment to breath, become aware, observe without judging and analyzing. I ask myself  What am I feeling, thinking right now? Have I been my Ideal self in this sequence?

In the beginning of the day I started to Create an intention, new way of being for some or all of my sequences during the day.
For example: What is my new state of being when I drive, be with my spouse, handle money, have a meeting.  It helps me to stay aware and start living my Ideal Self. Right now, it is still confronting to see how often I have been on automatic pilot. And I celebrate that I can be aware of that more often and have the power to change it now.

Just do it
Mindfulness – becoming the Observer, repetition and most of all, the will to do it daily are key in this process.

Co-host Rosemarie Heyer

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