Do you believe that there is a collective unconscious that we all have access to at all times? That we are intimately connected on a universal level of reality?

Have you ever had experiences were you are thinking about someone and they call? How do you explain this. When you text someone at the same time. Recently I decided to go for a walk in the park which was about 5 km from my house. This wasn’t a park I go to regularly, and it was certainly an unusual time of the day for me to go there. While I was walking around the park, just as I made the loop around, there was my mother getting out of her car. We didn’t communicate with each other at all before this meeting. 5 minutes before or later, if my mother had of parked in a different spot- we would not of seen each other. How did this happen?. Many would say it was random chance. According to Michael Talbot, who wrote the book The Holographic Universe – we are intimately connected beyond space and time. He discusses our ability to tap a stream of consciousness that can take us on journeys beyond the ‘ordinary’ levels of perception.

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