“When you’re impeccable with your word, you never use the word against yourself in the creation of your story. You never betray yourself; you never gossip about yourself. You take responsibility for your actions, but you do not judge or punish yourself for anything.” Don Miquel Ruiz author of The Four Agreements

It is important that we start with ourselves.

Could it be that we use words which are a force, broadcasting us feeling  mall, heavy and incapable? These words are based on beliefs, conditioning in our past. The time of our domestication, how Don Miquel puts it. It was a time, we were conditioned into be less than we are capable of being.  Old beliefs like “I am not good enough, I feel unsafe, I am unworthy ” are forming our words. Often we are unconscious about it.

One example:

I have noticed that I  sometimes use the words “I must, I have to, I should, I need  .. “. These words are a force, a vibration that is not in alignment with my true Self.
The words “I want to do, I will, I like to, I enjoy to ” lead me to what I really want and my own truth. They brings ease and positive energy into my reality.

Action to change:The word diet

How can we change using words which do not serve us nor people around us?
One habit we can develop is a word diet. Identify words and expression that do not serve you to be productive or do be in good relationships with your spouse, children or coworkers.

Be flawless, impeccable using new words.
Find words of encouragement and self compassion for your self.
Like I can,  I will,  I want to, I like to, I enjoy to , I am excited to.  ….
Use post it notes everywhere with the new words you want to use now, learning the language of empowerment and integrity

Start today for 28 days, journal and see how much you have transformed your very Being.

Co-Host Rosemarie Heyer