“In order to build prosperity, you are wise to appreciate yourself and money” 

Chapter 5 from The Gratitude Effect  by Dr. John Demartini

Step 1 Building wealth with Self Love

If you don’t feel worthy of receiving money , money is not coming.

Self-Love, self-appreciation is the first important step to build our wealth. Only when we accept and appreciate ourselves, money will come to us. Build yourself Love and self-esteem.

Self-Love and Gratitude

Could it be that you experience some resistance to practice gratitude, consistently?
I learned for myself that this resistance can be fuelled by giving the inner critic or negative voices too much space.  If I do not really put a high value on myself, how can I be grateful for something. A good test is our reaction to a compliment, are we able to wholeheartedly say “thank you” and immediately?
High self-esteem makes it so much to be grateful all the time. We can really appreciate the many things big and small which are part of our Life, our Wealth. The more we appreciate Life, the more we also appreciate, raise our self-worth, too.

Dr. Demartini offers an effective exercise to let go of the Inner Critic, the negative voices and love ourself. At the. end of Ch 5 in Action step 2 he recommends to make a list of everything in your Life where you think you made a mistake or screwed up and be grateful for it, keep looking and find the benefits of it. See the Divine Order in your Life.

You are a magnificent Being and the Unlimited resources of the UniVerse wants to shower you with your natural right of Wealth and financial abundance.

Step 2 Make money your friend

While we build our self-worth, we will also be able to put money as a top priority. We finally can look at our money situation without that Inner Critic. We can make money our friend and start loving it. We can study and learn about money. We can set up win-win situation and Fair exchange. With Self Love we can express our gratitude for the smallest amount we own and this practice will attract more.

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by co-host Rosemarie Heyer