In chapter 9 Fred Alan Wolf discusses that human consciousness and quantum physics are intimately related. Where the observer takes an active role in creating, with what is reflected ‘out there’ is dependant on what is observed in the mind of the observer. If you look for waves you will see waves and if you look for particles, you will see particles.

Our main two motives in life are to seek joy and avoid pain. This is common to all humans and could almost be viewed as a religion we are all involved in.

Interestingly , he discussed that the two time streams colliding with each other causes the endless pursuit of joy. You will recall from previous chapters, the times stream coming from the future back to now and from past to now. If we identify with the body and mind, we are in suffering.

Joy comes through the new alchemy that matter in fact is the slave of love. It comes through identifying with the soul and not with our fear and survival. Matter is time bound, and yet the two time streams that feed it are not bound to energy, time or space.

Marianne Love