Anita gained so many powerful insights through her conscious journey to the other side and back to full health. When she was well and able to engage with life, she experienced everything she saw with wonder and joy. Life had more colour, more vibrancy. Like she was seeing it for the first time. She was so appreciative to be alive and she brought back with her the unconditional love and compassion of her essence. This meant that she couldn’t engage in conversations the way she used it. She no longer saw things from a right or wrong, good or bad lens. There is no judging, condemning god – all is love. She was able to see the pain and confusion in those who steal and commit harms. She was able to have compassion and no longer see them as separate from herself. No longer looking through the lens of us and them –  It is all us. There are no victims and perpetrators. She became aware that life is too precious to be caught up and bogged down in mundane stresses and wonders.

She found herself retreating more and more into her own private world where she could experience the vibrancy of life, the colours, the sounds, the smells. It was like she was born as an adult and because of what she went through – years of pain and suffering, years of obsession with cancer and trying to heal, – she was able to appreciate the simple things in life. She could drive, move about, see the sunset and feel the sand on her feet – all like it was the first time.

Anita couldn’t go back to the life she had before. She couldn’t go back to a job. She was lost and didn’t know where to head for a while. She felt however that something big was going to happen. She didn’t need to control it. She simply needed to trust that it was all unfolding and that she would know her next move when the time was right. She know she was here for a greater purpose and she was in love with life again. She was given as second chance to live a true expression of herself.

Anita’s experience causes me to wonder if we need to have a near death experience to gain such profound wisdom. Or can we simply benefit from her wisdom and integrate it into our being. Can we become consciously conscious, and experience the expansiveness of our true essence while we are well and alive

Marianne Love