In the Holographic Universe, Michael Talbot shared that the research has found that one out of every 5 people will have an outer-body experience at some point in their lives. For as little as this is spoken about publicly, this is a lot of people. Outer-body experience is usually spontaneous and occurs during sleep, meditation, trauma, anethesia, illness and it is where people have the sensation and conscious awareness that the mind has separated from the body. The numerous examples shows that space doesn’t exist, and is a product of our perceptions. People will describe floating over their body, seeing medical people working on their body, being able to be spontaneously anywhere their mind takes them and see all that is occurring where ever they are beyond space and time. There is an interesting story of a woman who was having a cardiac arrest and left her body and could see doctors working on her body. She then found herself moving through the upper levels of the hospital and outside the 3rd level looking at a shoe on the ledge. She saw an old shoe with the hole in it, with its laces hanging down. When she was revived, she could describe what she saw. The doctor was curious if it was real and went searching for the shoe on the ledge on the third floor. They in fact found the shoe, exactly as Maria described it, making a believer of the doctor. What was interesting is that Maria could have only been able to describe the hole in the shoe if she was floating outside the building.

Another interesting story was by Robert Monroe.He thought he was going crazy because he kept having outer body experiences. Instead of going on medication, he decided to document them all, embrace and take charge of what was happening to him. He said he was able to go through walls, visit friends, and go anywhere he thought about. His friends became believers after Robert was able to describe what they were wearing and doing even though he was thousands of miles away. He could describe what was occurring just like he was standing there.

From Holographic perspective, location is an illusion just like image of apple has no particular location on holographic film. Our consciousness only appears to be localised in our head  but it can be just as easily localised in the upper corner of the room. Like in a dream, the consciousness of a person appears to be located in the head of the person who is dreaming.

Marianne Love