Barry Goldstein, in his book, ‘The secret language of the heart’, gives powerful insight into the benefits of inviting music into your life. He shares that it is important to build new habits, step by step. To introduce music into your life when you walk up in the morning – have your morning song you play. Also have your midday musical pick me up and your pre-sleep relaxant. He also shares that your morning song sets the energy or emotion tone for the day. It helps you ignite your set intention for the day.

Music can be used as an emotional bridge from one emotional state to another. This means that any time through out the day one can play music that will inspire an emotional state change. Music used in this way can help shift old belief systems, and heavy emotions, and provides nourishment and generates beautiful vibrations around you.

Singing can be a wonderful way to change your emotional state and perspective. It doesn’t matter if you sound great or not, the very act of singing a song you like will assist. People utilise chanting for the same reason. Chanting activates the connection between the heart and the mind and allows to step into a whole different emotional state and reality.

Marianne Love