In chapter 8 of the Gratitude Effect, John Demartini gives us insight into how to build a beautiful and loving relationship with the body and one that is infused with gratitude and appreciation. How many of you think negative thoughts about your body? Too fat, Too thin? Stomach too big? Hips too big? Chest too small?

With a slight shift of attention, you could go from hating your body to deeply loving and appreciating it. As John points out, the body is nothing short of miraculous. From a quantum physical perspective, the body is a made up of subatomic particles that are:

  1. Vibrating at trillions of trillions cycles per second.
  2. It is is waves of energy.
  3. We maintain a hidden order.
  4. That resonates with and relate to all frequencies

” When you consciously attune your mind to higher frequency thoughts and ideas, your understanding and appreciation for your balanced perfection increases exponentially, and you come to rediscover your own magnificence.”

Instead of focusing on the lack, John invites us to consider the impact of appreciation and gratitude for your body. Watch how fast it all turns around.

Marianne Love