Have you seen the movie “What the Bleep do we Know”,

in which DR JOE DISPENZA shared his groundbreaking research.

It seems, we all moved on somehow, yes?

Same with William Arntz.

He created and produced this milestone movie!

And now he wrote this book!  “HOW TO SUFFER in 10 easy steps”.

William Arntz had made enough money as a physicist and entrepreneur.

A comfortable life and yet he SUFFERS??

How come, that people, who have everything still suffer,

he asks in his book.

The word “suffer” does not do anything with me.

Yet, when I got more specific, with the help from this book,

it could be frustration, upset, impatience or annoyance for my way of


Let us face it!

No matter how much we set our intentions in the vacuum of

possibilities, there is an “Elephant in your living room, called suffering”,

says William Arntz – and Buddha said it, too.


“LET’S HAVE SOME FUN WITH SUFFERING” the author writes and

invites us to master suffering. He offers potent strategies for everyday

living, weaving in eastern philosophy and psychology.

A very impactful read indeed!


Yet, reading this book is not enough.

With the wisdom of GRANDMOTHER PARISHA

and her international co-hosts,

you can  integrate the potent strategies in this book.

That will make all the difference for you!


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