It is really interesting to dissect and explore more deeply the very foundations of our day to day experience. Have any of you really explored the true nature of the “in here” experience of thought, sensation, feeling and intuition.┬áDr Fred Alan Wolf goes into detail about how each of these are experienced and perceived. Thought for examples would not occur with a internal perception of time and space. In order to have a physical sensation, we need to have awareness of space and energy ( strength). Feelings requires awareness of energy and motion and Intuition is made up of the internal perception of motion and time.

It is interesting that by simply holding one of these qualities constant, we can move our awareness between thoughts, sensation, feelings and intuition. We can truly become alchemists of our reality, and Dr Fred Alan Wolf has given us the keys to unlock our potential. We can transform sensation to feelings by holding our awareness on energy and moving our attention from space ( location) to motion ( movement eg walking, breathing). We can change thought to sensation by holding our attention on space consciously and moving awareness from time to energy. Knowing we have this level of power frees us to change how we experience life.

Marianne Love