The second agreement is don’t take anything personally. No matter what anyone say to you. They say – you are great, I love you, you are wonderful . They say, I hate you, you are the worst , you are no good. What ever they say is a reflection of their own belief systems, their own person agreements that they made through the process of being ‘domesticated’.

Miguel discusses that each of us have many internal voices. These voices are made up of inner personalities that have all been formed from each agreement that we made in life. He evne says that each agreement is its own identity. In any given situation, many of these internal voices can be talking at the one time and can have conflicting opinions. So in the same way we are not to take on what others say as person, we also don’t take our own inner voices as personal.

He discusses that there are other voices also. He describes communications coming from other dimensions and worlds from what he calls allies. We also don’t need to take these voices personally either.

When we don’t take on what others say as personal we are free from suffering. And when we are free from suffering we are happy.

The third agreement is to not make assumptions. So many conflicts occur on the planet because of this one error. Humans feel unsafe when they don’t know the answer. So to make an assumption gives you the sense of knowing which makes you feel safer. The problem with this is that when we believe the assumption to be true, we may then gossip, make judgement, complain, and set up false expectations. We take these assumed intent or actions by others as personal to us. We believe them to be true with great conviction.

The key to all of this is to become the master of our intent. To use our ability to focus, use our emotions and words to create a life immune from the suffering around us. We can walk through this world and not personalise it, not make assumptions, and be intentional in how we use the power of our word. When we can do all of this, we are both free and immune from much suffering and we can create the life we dream.

Marianne Love