Have you been there?

In the beginning of my meditations, I remember times, when I thought I was meditating and after some minutes I noticed I just listened really to the chatter of my mind.  Actually, this is the chatter of the body-mind.

It brings up urgent things: like having to do the taxes, the last quarrel at work or you might end up making your grocery shopping list with your mind. Pa’Ris’Ha calls this chatting mind, the mind child. Like a child it wants our attention. Quieting the mind child needs commitment, consistency and alertness.
The mind is also likened to an animal, a stallion or a tiger. Have you seen the statues of monk figures who sits or stand on a tiger or a lion? They have conquered the animal in us and mastered meditation.

Gentle taking the reins back

Be kind to yourself, when you lost it. No judgement, or feeling of guilt and failure. We do not want to oppress our thoughts or jerk the stallion or yell at the mind-child.  Mind will keep producing thoughts. Just let them pass by like clouds in the sky, or leaves in a creek. We do not engage; we are observing the thoughts. We gently take back the reigns and re-focus as an observer until we move into a higher brain wave of Alpha or even Theta.

Body mind also finds all kind of excuses not to do the meditation. From confusion about the “how to” to people and places in our Life or the famous one: Too tired. So, a regular structure: same time, same place is helpful especially when we are just starting with meditation.

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Co-host Rosemarie Heyer, Germany