Recently one of the things that I have come to experience is this sense of failure we all seem to avoid at all costs.  What I am coming to understand is that this is a very common thing amongst many of us . I know for me I have recently been faced with experiencing  this emotion. And let me tell you it is an intense emotion and reality to face. I know I had embarked on a journey to change myself many years ago and most recently made a life changing decision to embarked on a deeper level of understanding myself and changing all that needed to change in me to become fully conscious and who I am meant to resonate in this world as .

And that I did. But I had to face my biggest challenge, that one and final aspect of myself that I think I had been running from for a very long time. Well  in doing this I was asking for all the layers to come off and this most certainly was one of those core issues for me.   Fear of failure and most recently having to face this has made me stand at the cross roads of that path and say which way do I go?  Well its get up dust off the pants and keep going , because this only makes me stronger.

It is in the failure that you truly face yourself and look at yourself in the face and move on.  Recently a phrase was shared with me . ” You cannot wrong in learning to live as the body. We just have to learn and awaken and know that all is resolved.”   This is what I choose to believe..  So to fail is to know this .

So get up and dust yourself off and keep going. And Know that it is in the learning that you learn to live.

Maria Jacques