Fred gives and interesting explanation of how the future influences the present in chapter 7 of Feeling into Matter. The example he gives on page 138 and 139 showing how his theory of self referencing and renormalisation works.

Self references means that the source of information comes from ones own character or experience. And renormalisation means the process by which things that fall outside what is standard or typical become standard or typical.

The example of X  1/(1+X)  – by giving X any value, shows that each time you run the formula – the number on the right side of the arrow gets closer and closer to the value of original X.

Just like in life, Fred use this as an example to show how each future event Y, changes the now event N , which in term, influences and creates a new set of Y events which feeds back information to create the current N event. Like a loop feeding on itself, this self referencing is an ongoing process of reappraisal where N rapidly attempts to converge on a consistent self-refered number or N.

The identity is not X, but the process by which X attempts to project itself into that which is it isn’t. The is not a physical process.

This is were computer and humans differ significantly. Artificial intelligence use the past information to inform present actions and information gathering. Humans on the other hand are being constantly fed information from the future. This novel information is then impacting the current expression, manifestation and experience.