Chapter 4 of The Gratitude Effect by Dr John Demartini is packed full of gems for the business owner. Have you ever considered the power of the opposites within your business? For every over-worker, there is an under-worker. If you are infatuated by someone, you will have someone whose opposite characteristics you resent. Through acknowledging and embracing these opposites, we find a central point that elevates the company higher.

He reiterates throughout the whole book the importance of knowing what you value and linking these values to what you are doing and why. One strategy for motivating and getting the best out of your staff is to have them write down their values and then list each and every job they do. The next step is to link each of the jobs with their highest value. They need to write down what they are doing and how it helps them realise their goals. I thought it was really interesting when John was hiring a manager for his business, he asked one simple question that ended the interview in a matter of minutes. He asked the candidate what he would do if he had 5 million dollars and didn’t need to work. The guy said he would make furniture and with that said the interview was over. John explained that if he wasn’t passionate about the role then he would not perform well in it, and if he hadn’t managed his own life well enough to live his dreams, how could he manage a company he isn’t passionate about.

Here are some questions to assist you in finding fulfillment in what you are doing :

  1. How is what I am doing going to help me fill my unfulfilled mission.
  2. What do I love to do?
  3. How do I get handsomely paid for it. ?
  4. What are 7 high priority action steps that help me achieve my goals.
  5. Write down and define everything you do in great detail
  6. Write down a list of your values and what is most meaningful in your lives.
  7. Link each and every one of your jobs to your highest value.
  8. Write down what are you doing will help them realise your goals.
  9. What has your life demonstrated about your mission and what would you love to be, do and have.

Marianne Love