You can learn this language thru sound and music. Imagine, what would be the world without music! The gift of sound has followed humanity from the early beginnings of singing and drumming. It always connects us to something beyond, something we cannot put in words. Music is an essential part of my Life. Each day,

Daily, I listen to music to uplift me, to connect to something Greater. Grandmother PaRisHa taught me that the universe and the reality around me is all energy. It is only vibration, frequencies. This made music even more meaningful to me.

Barry Goldstein is an expert in utilizing sound, vibration music to enhance our Life. He  calls music “The Universal Language of Love “.

In the book “The secret language of the Heart” Barry Goldstein shows us step by step lhow we can use music, sound vibrations deliberately. To change our moods, alleviate dis – ease, ignite creativity and enhance our overall well-being. 30 years ago, he started with his desire to connect sound and heart for healing. He pioneered his “Heart codes” work. His award winning CD “Ignite the heart ” and the music “Hallejuliah I am” was featured in many events of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

His music is played  in hospitals, hospices, cancer centers, and medical practices.
He has composed and produced music for New York Times best-selling authors: Dr. Daniel Amen MD, Gregg Braden, Neale Donald Walsh, Dr Joe Dispenza and more.

Barry Goldstein offers various program for example “Heart coherence music”, “Vibrational upgrades”. Heart of Well-Being” “Music of Gratitude” or “Best minds, music memory rescue with Dr. Daniel Amen MD, a brain research expert.

I am excited to now discuss Barry Goldstein’s bestseller in the Internet Radio Show Quantumleapbookclub.

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