Did you know that some of the issues we face today go right back to decisions made at the time of Descartes in the 17th Century. This mathematician and philosopher believed that because the mind did not appear to follow the same laws of the physical universe – it must be completely outside it. Therefore the physical world was for science and the mind was for religion. The two worlds became separated, setting up a society of people who feel victim to their external reality. This was the popular thought and focus of research until today. Einstein put a kink in the trajectory when he came up with E=MC2, which intwined light, energy and matter. From here the study of quantum physics evolved in the western world. I highlight western world out of respect that indigenous cultures have been teaching and sharing stories about the intrinsic link between mind, energy and matter since the beginning of humans on this planet.

What Einstein put in motion was the study of light. And much to the scientist fascination – there were times light acted as a particle and times it acted as a wave. How can something act like a wave and a particle? It also became very apparent, that at a subatomic level, Newtons and Descartes philosophies did not hold up. We all were taught in school that electrons float around the atom as if there were solid particle . Where are the actual truth is that atoms are mostly empty space, they are a field of energy. There are no solid electrons floating around the atom in nice patterns. Empty space with nothing in it is the most realistic model of an atom ….

So what influences the material world? Focus, intention, energy? Interestingly, studies have found that at a subatomic level, electron act as a wave when no-one is focusing on them, and act as a particle when someone is looking! How can that be ? and what does it mean from creating our own reality?

Marianne Love