In chapter 7, Barry points out the importance of connecting to and aligning your 7 energy centres. Each of these centres emit and energetic field.  When there is a ‘stuck emotion’, the centres can be blocked and create illness in the body. Some of the tools to assist in identifying any potential blocks and clear them with chanting, focused breath and music. One time, he was struggling with conflict with his friend. He found journalling to find and release the charge. He read the words out loud and recalled a childhood situation where is felt the same feelings.

He suggested finding out if any of the centres are blocked by touching them and breath in through the centre, release with a sigh  and notice if the area feels contracted or expansive. If the area is blocked, touch the centre and breath in through the centre and chant:

Base U you

Sacral O oh

Solar Plexus A aaay

Heart AH ahhhhh

Throat I eye

Third eye E eeee

Crown Eh ehhhh

These are some on the many suggestions he offers in chapter 7 of the book – The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstein


Marianne Love