See also chapter 3 and 4 of the book “Robes”


“No one can predict the future. …each present moment starts things anew.

Each human evolvement and intention changes everything”. Pa’Ris’Ha


In the book “ROBES”, we read how national governments might tumble, how large structures of corporations and whole nations might fall apart (Ch 3). The book has “predicted” the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union. Some of us remember, that it was unthinkable that this would happen.

Everything is happening, because it has to happen.

As the host of the Quantum leap book club, Pa’Ris’Ha states, we cannot predict how things will evolve in the future. We all can see, that we live in a rapid changing world. It has been said by Wise Ones: all this will end in harmony and a huge human development.

Re-claim our inner guidance

The author shares her bewilderment after she heard from the 7 little men, that authorities who took care of structures like cities and food, might fall apart. She feels helpless and fearful.  To be in fear and to hold on to familiar ways, as we face major changes, is not wise.

The seven little men point out, that we have to re-claim our own inner authority and develop skills for self-sufficiency.

The new seedlings

Chaos allows new seedlings to grow. More and more people free themselves from the mentality “they (government, corporations) need to do something”. I enjoy exploring the many new initiatives and projects all over the world, by these pioneers.

For example, the movement of market gardening/urban gardening/solidarity in farming in Germany. It has become so strong in recent years, that  the major seed companies cannot meet the demands anymore. An Increasing number of people become small farmers and serve their local communities with home grown food.

Become the unique contribution.

Shut of the news! instead, we could search for those pioneers or become one ourselves. Planting new inventions for education, family live, housing, community living and so much more. We could keep our focus on this. Guided by our inner authority, it will open opportunities for each of us, to become a unique positive contribution in a transforming world.

Rosemarie Heyer is a co-host in the internet radio show QUANTUM LEAP BOOK CLUB, hosted by Pa ‘Ris ‘Ha. .