Looking at life through the lens of gratitude changes the way life unfolds in a profound ways. In chapter 6 Dr John Demartini highlights the importance of valuing others for who and what they value and not what is important to us. If we put our values on to others, we can never really see them and appreciate them. If fact we will be unappreciative of them.

This is really valuable, particularly in relationships. He shares if you want your partner to do something for you, then framing in it what is important to them, you will get much more buy in. He shares communicating in terms of others values will always gain better results overall.  He shares that creating lists of what you value about your family members, you will live in greater communication them.

In cases when a family member has left, or died, there will be always someone who steps up to fill the role of mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son, grandparent. He says no role is every missing, it is just changing.

Living from the perspective of gratitude, not only attracts more good things into life, it allows one to experience the great things is already there.

Marianne Love