The author gives a bit of an insight into the structure of the chamber inside the Bucgi-mountains. Of course, that what he can share is limited.  In the authors opinion: we are looking at the most important secret base on the planet. It has been developed in a well-functioning system with less staff needed (something Dr. Xien and Cezar Radu wanted very much to see happening). The Americans, how they are noted in the book by the author, installed and are using an out of this world technology. It comes very close to what we know from science fiction stories like Star Gate and others. Could it be that this technology was given by ET’s?, I have been asking myself. One thing Radu can reveal is that with this Due to this amazing technology from the Americans, the mountain around the chamber was re-shaped and an 80-meter-high cliff with firs on top was build. This was done especially, to ensure a hiker will simply miss the entrance here.

If anyone doubts that this is true story and a non-fiction book, here are some facts from sources outside of the book:
In 2002, satellites of espionage of the Pentagon discovered unusual cavities inside the Buscgi mountains.
In 2004, Romania entered the Western NATO alliance.
In 2009, the Pentagon announced that it will spend 50 million $ to establish a military base in Romania housing 1,600 US troops.