Moving into the Inner Earth means to experience a transition from the physical plane (rocks, lava, etc) to an etheric plane (a non-material level beyond the physical).
Here we deal with frequencies and energies, which must be matched by the frequency of a heightened awareness and expanded consciousness in the traveler.

Not only the mainstream scientist cannot comprehend this. The author and us readers also have to move beyond our conditional thinking, that is caught in a materialistic paradigm.  We want to see, we want to know, we want to grab something.

Even Radu Cinamar, the author falls back into this. “Passing from the physical plane to the subtle plane of manifestation, how could such thing be seen”, he probed Dr. Xien again. (page 81).
Actually, in the proximity of a black hole nothing can be seen as it absorbs not only matter but all light. In the same category falls the idea to theoretically imagine that a laser would cut through the Earth and one could “see” the etheric plane. And a laser cannot cut through a black hole with its all absorbing process.

Reading this book is not a one-way street. We as a reader need to move beyond our conventional thinking, expand our consciousness and stay open for the unknown, the unseen.