Breaking the ties that bind.

When we enter into relationships with other people it is usually based around areas of common interest because if we share the same experiences then we share the same emotions

In chapter 7 of Breaking the Habit of Being yourself. Joe Dispenza  tells us in this section to think of emotions as ” energy in motion” , if you share the same emotions you share the same energy.  So bonds between people are the strongest because emotions hold  the strongest energy.

Throughout this chapter he addresses closing that gap between the person we present to the outer world and who we really are.  The smaller that gap the more we are breaking the habit of being ourselves.

This really made me stop and think of the closest relationships that I have in my life and we can just start with my husband. if I am really going to be honest here after 40 some years with the same man there was a gap in who I really am and who I portray to be with him after all these years. Its not that I don’t feel comfortable with mu husband ,its just that  in rereading this book I really got in touch with how we delude ourselves into thinking we are happy with ourselves.

He goes on to add that when you begin to break the habit of being yourself which is really breaking the addiction to those chemical reactions of emotions the people around us will begin to react and think that something is wrong because we are acting different .

And once you do this, you really are different but those around you may want you to go back to being the way you were before because you see there was an unspoken contract between you and those people in your life. So if you have always been a people pleaser and all of a sudden you begin to break that habit then the other person may not be so happy with your change.

But then you have to ask yourself those soul searching questions .  Was I really happy and pay attention to your soul  when it says and this is a quote from the book.

The soul says : Pay attention I’m letting you know that nothing is bringing you joy.  I’m sending you urges. If you keep playing this game, I’m going to stop trying to get your attention and you will go back to sleep. Then I will see you when your life is over.  

So pay attention. Sometimes it really can be as easy as making THE decision.