In this section of the book, Joe Dispenza begins to lay out the map of how to begin to accomplish what we are looking for through the practice of mediation. He focuses on preparing your environment as an essential aspect of your meditation practice. All these things are definitely important, make sure you have a comfortable place and that you are not interrupted, etc. This all allows us to let go more and move into that Alpha and Theta brain waves that we want.


But I began to think about this a little deeper and what I thought was I am preparing my environment because I have a guest coming over. I love to entertain people in my home and usually before a gathering I make sure my environment, my house is perfect. I make sure it’s clean, I have fresh flowers and all my scented candles are lit for my guests.  Well ,I thought my meditation practice has become where I am the guest and I am meeting with myself and the Divine. It has become such a special moment in my day where I feel I come to meet with myself.  There have been times that I can experience myself with the observer and then for a moment, I become that observer. It is such an elating and soothing experience to feel this. I am that guest and I am THAT important that I deserve the best and my life is totally different at that moment.  It is in this place that we begin to change that habit of being ourselves, whereby tapping into this quantum field we can have all that our hearts desire.


It is by having the experience of it, feeling of it that Joe Dispenza talks about in the book that we attract that reality to us.


This is the practice of meditation.  Be your own guest.