based on the book “Breaking the Habit of Being yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza

“Get over your self”, Grandmother PaRisHa


It is not what we think or feel which creates a change, it is who we ARE, the frequency, the in – formation! to which the field of unlimited potential responds to and meets you.

I have seen and heard it many times: People bought the abundance or potential meditations of Dr. Joe Dispenza or any other programms. They started to envision their future, their desires and their outcome.

However, nothing substantial happened or changed.
One main reason is (there are others we get too later), we postulate an outcome by thoughts alone.

Body-mind resists
Yet, our body-mind unit feels quite different.
Assume you want to manifest abundance in your Life (let’s say lots of money) and you focus on it, and you are even are able to create some elevated emotions like gratefulness around it.

The feelings (chemical signals of frequencies) of your body-mind (your unconscious) are quite different: We might feel lack, we might feel we don’t deserve to have abundance (lots of money for example).  We or better our body- mind has all kind of strange feelings around money, from the past: To be rich is not spiritual, money comes by hard work, money is not important to me, I can get by with small amounts, lots of money makes me afraid to fail.

The ever loving, giving and unlimited universe is confused. IT receives two messages:T
Thoughts: I want, I wish. I dream…an abundant Life
Feelings/habits:  signals of lack, uncertainty, doubt even fear around abundance. These feelings (having magnetic, attractive qualities) will attract more of the same: like scarcity, fear around money.

So, we go back to Start and first change our State of Being.This means:  we change how we think, how we feel, how we behave, our habits of the same old, same old We move from the Old Self to our New Self. We first have to BE then DO and we will HAVE

Daily awareness is key
We observe how we speak, walk and handle money. And decide to eliminate the old hard wired neuron networks in our brain. We replace them with positive beliefs and feelings around money. We learn how an abundant person feels. We mentally rehearse our New Self around abundance, how we feel (like grateful, blessed, worthy, energized, generous, trusting, open for opportunities and people). Our body beliefs it is  already happened and produces with the brain the new State of Being . Now our signals, our in-formation into the Field are congruent: Observer, thoughts creates the vision, goal and the body synchronizes to attract the event where money flows it.

And the greatest challenge has been overcome: The daily diligence to observe myself around money, abundance, to unwire old thoughts and to re -wire new neuron clusters around money. To signal the body our new excited, positive feelings which then changes its chemistry/frequencies. The universe receives an aligned message of mind and body and will meet you with the event
Watch for and acknowledge small or big signs of synchronicities. These signs are telling you, you are BEING  and DOING  in sync and will HAVE  the desired large sum of money.

Co-host  Rosemarie Heyer

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