In Chapter 6 of the holographic universe, Michael Talbot explores the realm of the energy fields around the human body and peoples ability to see and read right into a persons reality, from health to personality traits. Some key points discussed:

  1. We see with our brains – not our eyes. Evidence for this is how we will read a misspelled word and not even see the misspelling. The brain with automatically correct it. He gave a fun exercise in the book of looking at a grid lines with the dot in the middle. If you follow the exercise on page 164 you will have first hand experience on how the brain will fill in the gaps in the picture to complete the grid pattern. They are so many implications in considering this. If we see with our brains, than we are only seeing what we have been neurologically wired to see. So if we don’t know or believe something to be present or possible, we will effectively won’t see it.
  2. He suggests the reality is made up of frequency patterns and it is our brain that converts this into third dimension perceptions of the objective reality. So combining this idea with the fact that we see with our brains, then there are potentially frequency patterns all around us that we are not seeing. This makes sense as to why some people are able to perceive and interpret energy fields that many others cant see. For example , there are many gifted with the ability to read and diagnose health conditions based on reading a persons energetic field. It also helps explain mystical experiences, as in these moments we are catching a glimpse of the other frequency domains.
  3. Michael discusses the auric field – which is the subtle field of energy around the body. He also describes the chakras, which are focal points of subtle energy connected to the endocrine glands and major nerve centres of the physical body.
  4. There are many people who have developed the ability to see a persons energy field and interpret what that means for their health and wellbeing. Sometimes people are born with this gift, or it happens spontaneously in their life or they develop the skill through practice.
  5. There have been some well known mystics and clairvoyants when have agreed to participate in research projects. For example Barbara Brennan could see chakras and auric fields and we accurately able to diagnose illness. She said cancer looks gray blue in the auric field and turns black and eventually white spots appear as the cancer spreads. She said drugs and alcohol create a etheric mucus and even prescription drugs can form darks spots on the liver.
  6. Brennan also agreed with the holographic universe theory. She believed that the aura and the healing forces require to make changes to it emerge from frequencies that transcend time and space. They are simultaneous and everywhere, they don’t have to be transmitted. This theory explains why healing can happen anywhere, and they you don’t need to be physically present with a person to offer healing and read their auric field.
  7. Some people see the aura in the minds eye, while many others see it in front of them, like it is in the room with them.
  8. It is interesting that the program called ” Frontiers in Nursing: The actualisation of potential for therapeutic field interaction” is a program taught to thousands of nurses and used in hospitals world wide. It is based on techniques of being able to read auric fields and chakras and using hands on methods to manipulate the energy fields. She had to name it something more palatable to professionals in order to get it in the hospitals but is essential energy work.
  9. There has been equipment developed to read the auric field of people. Valerie Hunt found that her equipment was able to pick up bodies energy field and found the strongest energy emanating out of the chakra region. She also found that the frequencies recorded could be associated with particular colours. She found that energy patterns from the heart could influence the whole body. She also found that people who only focused on their physical reality had overall lower frequencies than those who are able to go into trance and connect to universal energy sources. For example she found most people function in the 0 to 30 cycles per second range, whereas the “mystical personalities’ function at frequency levels above 900 cycles per second.
  10. Mystical people are not only able to read energy, they are aware of the cosmic interrelatedness of all things and are in touch with every level of human experience.
  11. Some of the case studies also indicate that each organ of the body is a consciousness all on their own. They gave the example where a psychic perceived that Michael was talking negatively to his own spleen. She said to him that his spleen was very upset about something and then he shared that he had been scolding his spleen and telling it to do what he wanted. The psychic advised to only send positive messages to the organs of the body. She said he confused the spleen as it thought it was doing what Michael wanted. This points strongly to really honouring the body, each organ in it and only give it beautiful messages of appreciation.
  12. He also reports that the illness appears in the auric field before it appears in the body. This is something Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has also shared with us over the years. It is like the auric field holds the blueprint that the structure of the body then follows.
  13. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shared with me on many occasions that in order to be more perceptive and read energy, we need develop the neurons in our brain to accept and read these more subtle frequency. We also need to to purify our bodies, do saunas, eat healthily, bless our food, and increase our emotional vibration. Through chanting, meditation, and being in the presence of advanced masters, we too can build this gift of vision.

Marianne Love