She lay there, lifeless, hooked up to equipment that kept her organs functioning . Doctors had given up all hope. Her husband desparately pleaded that they do all they can. And yet, what is interesting is that she had never felt so good. She felt whole and healthy and well. She felt free and joyful, happy and elated. For the first time in 4 years she was unencombered  by her bodies cancer that has wrecked havoc on her life. How could she be so physically unwell and yet simultaneously so free?

This points to a very important concept which is we are not our bodies. Our bodies are a vehicle that we experience life through. We have a subjective experience of the body. In Anita’s case, her body was in a coma and yet she was having the experience of whole health, wellness and alert consciousness. She had full awareness beyond the 5 senses.

She could travel outside the room, and be aware with great accuracy of her brothers experience as he flew over to be by her side.  She could hear what the doctors were saying in other rooms. If we take this at face value, it points to the concept that we are in fact a consciousness that is both connected to the body and also able to roam free, not limited by space and time. Anita shares that the five senses limit us to a focal point, so without the five senses we can take in all space and time.

As she viewed her lifeless body from a consciousness of love and joy, she could see all the limiting beliefs and fears that lead her to experience cancer. She could also see that she could equally be cancer free by her own choice. She realised that she had been so focused on pleasing people that she had not been authentic with them or herself. Another pearl of wisdom she shares is that being inauthentic deprives the universe of who she came to be and what she came here to express. She saw herself as a beautiful being of the universe, beyond any body, culture or race. She wondered why she would betray herself for the approval of others. Why would she not stand up for herself? Why would she violate herself? As she looked a herself through loving eyes, she realised that just existing made her worthy of tender regard.

In this state of awareness, Anita realised that everything in the universe is connected. This include humans, animals, plants, insect, mountains, inanimate objects, all in the cosmos. She realised that cancer was not a punishment for anything she did wrong. It was a culmination of her many fears, every decision, every choice, and every thought of her entire life.

In this state of awareness and pure love and joy, she was able to let all these unhealthy decisions go and come back into the body for rapid healing.

Marianne Love