based on the book “Quantum Entrainment. The Secret of Quantum Living”

“There is nothing to overcome, you simply become” Grandmother PaRisHa


The simple, short processes of Quantum entrainment (QE) put you in contact with your own Pure Awareness, your Self. That is the promise of this book, we are now reading in the Quantum Leap Book club. I must say, I first was skeptical. Can we really experience the no-thought, the nothingness, or pure awareness with such effortless exercises? Can it really be that simple, I asked my self?

Can it be that simple?

Many of us have been striving for a long time, in hours of meditation, to reach our Inner Source, our Self and experience the field of endless possibility, the blackness. We have discussed it with various books in our Quantum Leap Book Club in the past.

For 15 years Dr. Kinslow meditated 2,5 hours every! day. At the age of 61, the author realized that none of his practices brought him to the much-desired Inner Awareness. This realization eventually led the QE process, which we are reading about in his book here. It is a process, which leads us quickly into an experience of profound pure awareness, the nothing.

And once we can access that, the presence to the field will infuse all other levels of our Life. Effortlessly, we can tackle areas like healing negative emotions, overcoming creative blocks, healing physical pain, improving athletic performance, the perfect relationship, sleeping and insomnia and good and poor eating habits. He also covers these areas in the book.

Two tips for working with this book

First, I would highly recommend to read the appendixes, soon. The glossary, his story how he found Quantum entrainment. And please read the Q&A section!

Second, mind cannot comprehend pure awareness, the Nothing. You will not be able to figure it out. Let go of that need to control, just do the QE exercises as much as possible and BECOME what you always have been: pure awareness.

by Rosemarie Heyer, co-host in The Quantum Leap book club