Have you ever thought about your body as a gift?  I didn’t really consider it in that term until I read Chapter 8 of The Gratitude Effect, “Healing With Gratitude,” by Dr. John Demartini. We hear about the “gift of life” or the “miracle of birth,” but have your ever thought about your body as a gift, maybe a magnificent tool that you use to move about to create or experience.

Your body, with all its perfection, and what you might perceive as imperfection, really is amazing!  It helps you create, experience life, heals itself, breathes and metabolizes food all on its own.  It is an amazing biochemical creation made of atoms and molecules that grows from just two cells connecting into a human form that continues to grow, change, and finally dies, all without your conscious direction. It is a combination of energy and matter, and it is at your service every day. This body is perfection, and is definitely something to be grateful for!

But what about the imperfections?  Have you ever considered that what you see as imperfection is really no more than your judgement, and comparison to a model that has been presented to you in some way at some time in your life.  The author asks us to consider that maybe these so-called imperfections are really just challenging us to be greater than we think we are or to look at them as blessings and lessons in our lives.  Maybe we just have to consider why we think about them as imperfections, and give ourselves a chance to grow wiser as we ponder our judgements.

Another question the author asks is, if the body is perfection and a gift, why do we do destructive things to it?  Things like eating too much, excessive use of substances, lack of exercise and care, and … I think you get it.  If it is a gift, why don’t we cherish it, nurture it, help it heal and stay healthy, and truly appreciate what it can do for us?  This life and this body truly are magnificent wonders!  Give them the gratitude they deserve!

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Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay