Have you ever traveled, especially outside the country you live in, and found yourself standing high on a hill or a mountain looking over the vast landscape or valley in front of you?

Have you ever stood there and wondered about the people or what life is like in this area?  And as you descend into the area, do you notice the culture, the way people live, and does it seem different or peculiar to you?

And have you noticed, in yourself, are you excited, nervous, or afraid?

In reading Inside The Earth – The Second Tunnel with host Parisha Taylor, we are now inside the Earth overlooking a city called Tomassis that exists inside a cavity or open area in the ‘swiss-cheesy’ mantle of the Earth.  It looks similar, yet quite different, from what we know that exists on the surface of the planet – and there are inhabitants here.

Radu asks Dryn, the guide from the inner Earth, if there are other cavities like this one where Tomassis exists and is told there are; some are bigger, many inhabited, and they have their own peculiarities.

This makes sense and it is exciting!  When you travel around our beautiful planet, you see so many different and beautiful areas, and there are opportunities to experience so many different peoples, cultures, and varieties in nature.  Why should it be any different when exploring the cavities of the inner Earth?  Just imagine what you will find there!  It may seem peculiar, but there is so much more to experience and learn!

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper