When you load a teeter totter or scales with weight on one side, the other side goes up.  You have to load the other side with weight to find balance.  It is a universal principle that we have complementary opposites, so we can find a balance in the middle.  In Chapter 7 of The Gratitude Effect, “If All Pulled in One Direction, the World Would Keel Over,” the author Dr. John Demartini speaks to this universal higher order.

In Newton’s Third Law, Action and Reaction, it states for every action (force) in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction.  In quantum mechanics, every particle does indeed have an opposite or “antiparticle.” We see this also in Yin and Yang. And in the world and society, we see this in the differing positions, sometimes rigid and polar opposite, between people, leaders, nations, etc…

The point is, for every position or perspective, there is an opposite.  It will rise up and face you.  The universe is serving you exactly what you need.  And you have a choice.  You can stand rigid, or, you can look at the opposite and get curious.  Why does the other feel this way?  Why is it good for them?   And, what is it showing; what benefits or lessons can you and I be grateful for or what understanding is coming forth?  Remember the teeter totter and the scales.  We have to load the other side, find gratitude in the perspectives and lessons, to find a balance.  We have to open to what is reflecting back at us.  The universe is sending it to us for us to take notice.  How can we use the new information in gratitude to find a balanced way?  Makes you reflect back on the challenges to look for the blessings and to look at adversaries in a different light, maybe like angels.

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