The structure of the universe

Bayt Hhayt Tayt which are certain principles of the universe related to resistance when we multiply any of these by 10 they become materially present.

Yahweh and love

The universe is built with love meaning the actual structure and patterns of matter reflect the patterns of love. Love requires a partnership, a partnership of the two information streams he mentioned earlier one from the past and one from the future. He says Learning to see love and express that love is the purpose of this life. And that Love is very much tied to our attention and Imagination. Which makes me think of the word appreciation, when we focus on something and appreciate it we make it increase.

My love story in brief

Wolf Tells a personal story about Love and magic are related, and how when he really had an interest in something it would appear in his life which was an expression of gods love. He appreciated something and it would appear in his life.

Are science and magic antithetical?

He explains that there is a continual battle within us between Matter and spirit. And that scientists look to explain the universe and experience love at the same time.

Love and uncertainty – the new alchemical foundation of life

Wolf talks about how we can alleviate suffering by identifying that others situations are ours as well and that seeing things from the opposing side give us a perspective that allows us to understand ad not suffer.


Wolf shows us we have a choice of relating to our fear and survival or relating to our soul which will set us free

Common sense about our uncommon universe

Wolf talks about how there is only one consciousness

Maya Illusion and Multiple minds

THERE ARE MANY MINDS WITH many viewpoints and all of them are known by the greater non local consciousness.

What is duality can the one separate from the one?

Wolf explains how in order to conceive unity there must be the illusion of duality.

Seeing into the mirrors of the mind

Wolf summarizes that we are all reflections of a single mind